Privacy Statement only uses functional cookies, and will never use or store your personal data. Only if you have sent us an e-mail are e-mail addresses stored in our mail system (otherwise we can not send a reply).

We do not use tracking cookies, nor do we offer the possibility to mention your data on this site.
Only cookies that are necessary for the correct use of this informative website, and the cookie confirmation of the cookie bar, are stored on your medium.

We do not need express permission to do so.

However, we must also mention the cookies used in this case.


Cookies are small text files that are typically stored on your hard drive. This text file is usually information. To give an example, you have been for a time on this site, it is visible to the cookie that was placed at the time. You are in this case not a new visitor, but a returning visitor. This harmless are cookies..

Which cookies do we use?

Important to the cookies we use is that no personal data is stored in any of the cookies, and that we do not use tracking cookies! The cookies also do not contain viruses or other harmful parts! We use only functional cookies on this website so that the website works properly. Therefore, we do not need to ask permission for this.

Name cookie: CookieConsent
Goal Cookie: Saves the cookie status of the user for the current domain
Duration: 1 year so that you do not see the cookie bar at every visit.

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