DVLA, the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The organization, that not only maintains the registers of vehicles and drivers in the UK, but also ensures open and save roads. And does a lot of things to reduce the crimerate related to vehicles.

DVLAThe DVLA has presented a number of programms, to reduce the vehicle related crimes, and several methods to fight this vehicle related crimes.

And yes, by this, the roads are getting safer and safer over the last years.

Of course, the safety on te road doesn’t depend only on the DVLA, but also on everyone who drives on the roads in the UK.

DVLA car taxes

This is, of course, not cheap.

So the DVLA requires carowners and drivers to pay the car taxes, and needs all vehicles to have insurances.

The DVLA however, does more.

It is the agency for the Department of Transport, and anything about transport is the responsebility of the DVLA, and is run out of the headoffice in Swansey, in South Wales.

It has, all over the UK, smaller offices, about 40.

And of course, the DVLA isn’t the only department in the UK that does something about the crime rates on te road.

It works together with several other departments of the UK government, such as the DVA, the Driver and Vehicle Agency, which is the same as the DVLA, but in Northern Ireland.

MiniThe main job of the DVLA is however, maintaining databases of vehicle registrations and numbers.

The Agency is also issuing the driving licenses, collecting the car taxes and road taxes, and the DVLA sells private number plates.

If you ever need a new number plate, you could get a private one.

They are really unique, but they also have their price, and some private number plates are very costly.


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