Driving License

You need to have a driving license, in order to drive a car, and other vehicles, in the UK, and most other countries.

So not everyone is allowed to drive a car.

To get a driving license, you need to pass two exams in the UK, a practice exam and a driving theory test, and only of you pass both exams, you can get a legal driving license.

Furthermore, you need to have the minimum age, required to drive the specific type of vehicle.

If you do so, you can request a driving license from the UK government.

Getting a driving license, is not free. It costs 50 Pounds.

Applying for a driving license

If you want to get a driving license, after passing the exams and having the proper age, you’ll have to give the government some information, and you need to have a valid passport, or other forms of identification.

Driving LicenseBesides this, you have to meet some physical requirements, like the minimum eye side.

In the UK the government advises you to obtain a driving license online, which is different from some other countries, where you only can obtain a driving license at the government office.

After you applied online, you will get the driving license within approx 7 days, and it is send to you by post.

The driving license cannot only be used to legally drive a car, but is also a form of identification, which you can use to identify yourself.

A driving license can be lost, get damaged, and can be stolen.

In those cases you need to get a replacement, a new one.

Replacing it, will also cost you some money, but just 20 pounds.

If you need to replace the driving license, or just are applying for one, you can do this online, payable by credit card for example, but if you don’t want to do this online, you also have other payment options.


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