DVLA Number Plates

Just buying a new DVLA number plate, so that you can drive your car?

Did you know there are a lot of car owners that want to have an ideal number plate?

Since it became possible to buy your own, your ideal number plate, it is clear that some combinations have become really expensive, as dealer ask amounts of up to 4.000 or 5.000 Pounds for such plates.

Number PlatesEvery vehicle in the UK, but also in any other country, needs to carry a valid, and unique number plate.

This is the registration of a vehicle, and anyone can find certain information about the car and the owner of that car.

For example, the police can identify the car, when checked, or if it is in an accident.

so, you need DVLA Number Plates, on any vehicle, and it shouldn’t be covered in any way. So the number plate should be readable by the police and other people.


So, without DVLA Number Plates, you cannot drive around in the UK, but where do you get it?

DVLAWell, there are different ways to get a new number plate for your car.

For example when you buy a new car, lots of car dealers will help you in getting one, and there are a lot of companies who can help you as well.

Applying for a number plate is not free, and all registrations include costs and VAT. The amount you will have to pay is around 80 pounds, and getting the actual number plate itself, which you can do at a lot of companies, and even some car dealers, will also cost you something.

Damaged, stolen or lost

If your number plate was stolen, damaged or you lost it, you will need to get a new one, as it is required when you drive.

Be aware, if you don’t get a new DVLA Number Plate, you are risking a fine.


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